Saturday, 11 February 2012

Homework Post 1: My Holidays

Well, I did alot this holidays. At the start of the holidays, I made a bet with my sister that I would do one thing every single day for the entire holidays, and by the 3rd of February I had managed to win the bet. Everyday I wrote down in a small green notebook all the things I did each day, and in the end reading back on it I'm quite happy with myself for managing to make this holidays one of the best in my life so far. Most holidays I'd normally just sit around drinking Lift+ and eating bagels so this is quite a big step up for me. Next step: get a car so I don't have to hitch rides with people every where.

If I had to choose the best thing I did this holidays I would probably say going to the corn maze on January 19th was the best. Practically drenched in sunblock and protected by sunglasses, my sister and I went to the Amazing maze at Spookers and got lost amongst corn for three hours. By the end of it I was practically dead from sun exposure but it wasn't all that bad. Oh, and the best thing, if you make it through the maze without opening your map envelope, you get 2 dollars.

However, a close runner up was probably on January 6th when I went to the beach with two of my best friends Angel and Catherine who go to my training. It was so much fun and by the end of it I was so tired I basically collapsed and fell a sleep an hour after I got home.

Yeah... that's a small summary of my holidays. Hope you feel as though the 5 minutes of your life reading this was worth it :)


  1. Cool, great to see you've done your homework and have sorted out how to use blogger! -See me for a commendation.

    What is your training thing that you do?
    I've been to the corn maze, but it was at night and I was screaming my head off as the Spookers staff kept scaring me!
    Awesome bet that you had with your sister, it would have made the holidays fun :)