Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Homework Post 8: Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 wasn’t bad, although I’m getting sick of reflections. Sure, we reiterate what we learn, but has anyone actually seen the sizes of those small boxes we’re meant to write in? One sentence reflection, fine, I’m cool with that. Two sentence reflection, I don’t mind, I’ll be able to squeeze it in. However, when the 3 or 4 part questions start coming in it just gets to the point where the writing is illegible and looking back to see what you’ve learnt becomes completely pointless. (Just thought I’d mention it)

My favourite parts of this term were probably during Drama and English… just because so far, I’ve gotten all excellences. However this year, I don’t particularly enjoy P.E, it kind of sucks. Normally I’m excited for some fresh air and exercise but seriously, when only 8 people in the class participate and it becomes a four on four game of touch, the whole thing turns into a complete shambles. That may or may not because our first teacher left and everyone decided to take advantage of the new teacher, but I can’t really say because I’m just trying to survive the year.

I find it interesting that this year we don’t have to do as many whanau based activities. I assume it’s because last year the school wanted the year 9’s to be comfortable in their classes and with the people in their tutor groups, but I definitely prefer this years’ more laid back approach. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the whanau stuff, but when only 2 people in your class are from your house group and all the people in your tutor are friends with one another because they have classes together, it’s really awkward when it comes to hanging out with people from your house at the same year level as you during whanau activities. This year it’s a lot better because you can get to know a larger group of people because they aren't restricted to the cliques of class friend groups.

So basically, I’ve enjoyed term 1. I can deal with the problems and there are many things that have improved. Can’t wait till term 2 :)


  1. I'm glad you've enjoyed your first term. Sucks about PE though - I used to have a class like that one year and it made playing anything kinda lame because there wasn't enough people.
    You have been a stand out student in English - your writing is really enjoyable to read and I think you should really look at entering competitions or at least writing more to amass a collection of work.
    It's been interesting getting to know you this term. I hope you have a great holiday :)

    1. Hahaha I have written a few things, more opinion pieces and what not rather than creative writing.
      Thanks for this term and hope you have a great holidays :)