Friday, 27 July 2012

Homework Post 16: Greatest Moment in Olympic History

The greatest moment in Olympic history was on the 24th of September 1988 at the Summer Olympics because of Lawrence Lemieux, a Canadian sailor. During the sailing competition, Lemieux was in 2nd place near the half way point of the Finn class race. Close by, the 470 class race was also under way, and Singaporean sailors Joseph Chan and Shaw Her Siew had been thrown into the rough waters. They were injured and unable to right their damaged boat when Lemieux noticed the capsized crew, and broke away from his current course to rescue them. After he rescued Chen and Siew, he waited for, and transferred the two sailors onto an official patrol boat before continuing on to finish his race in 22nd place. This act of selflessness not only earned him a place in the history books for exemplary sportsmanship, but the Pierre de Coubertin Medal in honour of his self-sacrifice and courage. I consider this to be the greatest moment in Olympic history.


  1. That's a really cool moment that I didn't know about. Good on him.

    Where did you get your info from?

    1. I was actually googling stuff about that Korean fencer who was cheated outof her medal, and there was an article saying she should be offered the Pierre de Coubertin medal for her efforts. So I googled that, and found the wikipedia page about the medal and the athletes who hyad recieved it. That's how I found out about this...