Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Homework Post 18: Most Inspiring Teacher

My most inspiring teacher ever isn't one I have this year, but my English teacher from last year, Miss Schroeder. She never failed to keep class interesting whether through the actual work she set us, or the way she reacted to things that happened whilst we were there. For just about every single one of our assessments she extended the criteria allowing us to push the boundaries of normal class learning by either making a movie, powerpoint, or even writing poems instead of writing out boring old Positive, Negative, and Interesting tables. She also let us play mass class games and let us have movies playing in the background whilst we worked.

The best thing about Miss Schroeder though was definitely her attitude. She was a complete and total free spirit and stayed calm despite anything that was thrown at her (sometimes literally). In fact right now she's on maternity leave and I think her kids going to be one of the coolest alive just because of what a great person she is. Yep. Miss Schroeder's awesome (and not because of the fact she sent people out to go and catch rainbows, or the time we had a class party in English, or when she accidently dunked the pom poms at the end of her beanie into her coffee, or when she always gave Shelly half of whatever she happened to have for lunch, or when she pulled our entire class out of module because we were bored, or when she let us just hang around or leave stuff in her class or, or... there's too many things) but because of her appropriate teaching methods ;)

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