Monday, 12 November 2012

Homework Post 23: Attitude Review

On the 9th of November the year 10's were taken to the gym to watch a presentation called 'connected' by a group known as 'Attitude'. A man named Jordan came and ran the presentation, helping to educate us about the importance of staying safe whilst interacting with one another through electronic means of communication. We learnt many things, including how what you do now can effect you in the future, that everything on the internet is out of your control once you've put it there, and that you don't know what people come to school from.

Whilst presenting Jordan managed to get a tonne of laughs out of everyone in the room by incorporating many of his unfortunate yet funny life stories into the hour long show. Everyone was talking about the presentation long afterwards and the school was on a buzz for the rest of the day. It was enjoyed by many, and we all hope to have many more presentations shown to us in the future.

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