Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Homework Post 10: New Blog summaries

5. thehungergamessecrets.tumblr.com
This blog does not reveal its owners but does admit to being a collaboration between a number of people. The blog allows for readers to share their opinions about The Hunger Games series with one another by posting “secrets” to the blog managers and having them transformed into a picture quote. These quotes can be shared with one another by means of reblogging and have made their way around Tumblr like wild fire. Reading the opinions is addictive and I will continue to read them until the final Hunger Games movie is released.

4. jillybeanj.tumblr.com
This blog is run by a girl named Jill who posts her adorable doodles on Tumblr for many people to see and reblog. The doodles are mostly quoted and can be used to relate to everyday life situations. This fact makes them so enjoyable to see and almost impossible to not reblog. I love all of the doodles on her page and hope she keeps making them for many years to come.

3. bakingmakesthingsbetter.com
This blog is run by my English teacher (aka. the person who will read this) ;) and her friend Courtenay. They met one another at university and bonded over their mutual love of baking and eventually created the blog to share their delicious recipes. The blog consists of a whole range of tasty goodies including sweet treats and lunchbox snacks. I am tempted to try many of the recipes on this blog and will stay tuned for many more to come.