Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Homework Post 12: 3 Day Episode

I'd probably call my 3 day Ep something literal, not something that tricks people into choosing it. I'd rather people choose it based on its actual activity than the name. People'd get bored otherwise doing something they don't enjoy...
Name: Thread Bracelet Making (LITERAL)
What would people do:
-Day 1: First I'd teach everyone how to start their own bracelets. After a few practice goes on some plain string they'd get to try it on actual embroidery thread. Once everyone manages to get the hang of starting the bracelets then I'd teach them the basic knot on single string threads, and then how to join different string threads together. The last thing they'd learn on the first day would be a basic arrow knot and how to pick out colours. For the rest of the day they could practice it on some bracelets of their own.
-Day 2: I'd start with a few tips on how to keep their bracelets straight and ways to undo mistakes in the bracelets. Once everyone got the hang of that I'd teach them a few more styles eg. cloud, beaded... The rest of the day they would spend making bracelets for themselves
-Day 3: At the beginning of the last day I would announce a 'best bracelet' competition. The person who could make the most creative bracelet would win :) The student who could make the most bracelets would win :) And the student who could make the bracelet with the least mistakes would win :) Everyone would have until half way through third block to finish when at which time judging would commence.
No trip... but the class wouldn't be in a classroom. The library or something. A place where people can get comfortable.
$30... embroidery thread is expensive :)
ILQ development:
It'd develop thinking because the bracelets take a lot of focus to learn how to make thread bracelets :)

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