Monday, 4 June 2012

Homework Post 13: Collaborative story Part 1

The Crash

In a time like this, it was hard to work out who was to blame. The old French man couldn’t have seen it coming. The ambulance worker couldn’t have stopped. The market stall owner couldn’t have warned either of them. Looking back on it now, it wasn’t actually anyone’s fault. However, the public needed a verdict, and a person to blame. The crash had caused so much grief, and without anyone to pin it on, the police would cop the rebuke. Detective Jones had known this all along, and if he didn’t find a fall man, his superiors would make sure he never saw field work for the rest of his career. His first job was to face the media.

Walking out onto the podium, Jones could feel all the eyes in the room trained on his every move. The way he walked, stood, and even dressed was being carefully scrutinized by the journalists before him. Melanie, Jones’ personal assistant, had typed up his speech the night before. All morning he’d been rehearsing the thing, making sure it was word perfect. “Greetings,” he began, “The police department can in fact confirm the fatalities of 9 civilians after the fruit stand incident. We are currently inquiring into the cause of this tragic event, and should have a confirmed recount within the next month. The police are currently searching for any witness’ of the crash, and it would be greatly appreciated if they could come forward. Thank you”.  

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